GRETA was co-financed by the
European Regional Development Fund
through the Interreg Alpine Space programme.

CC BY 4.0, Eurac Research

The GRETA WebGIS “Interferences - AS - Greta” identifies underground conditions that can potentially interfere with the installation of shallow geothermal plants in the whole Alpine Space. Particular measures, detailed investigations and consequent additional costs might be necessary in the coloured areas, described in the following:

  1. Mining areas, cavities, landfills and contaminated sites: These four categories are grouped since they all have a small areal extension. Possible impacts are related to interactions with groundwater bodies, spreading of existing pollutants, and ground stability to artificial (mining) cavities. Risks should be assessed even for abandoned mining areas and closed landfills.
  2. Evaporites and Anhydrites: Evaporites are sedimentary rocks characterized by high solubility and plasticity. They tend to react rapidly in contact with water and this may cause swelling or subsidence of the ground.
  3. Landslides: The installation and operation of NSGE systems in areas affected by landslides may impact on the system itself and/or on surrounding public/private properties.
  4. Karst: Karst areas are characterized by the occurrence of cavities and voids which can lead to unexpected installation (in drilling phases) and operational costs (due to irregular water flow and lower efficiency).
  5. Multiple and artesian aquifers: Depending on the depth of the drilling, it may intersect various groundwater bodies, creating connections between different groundwater. This may have various impacts on the environment, on the installations of NSGE systems and on surrounding public/private properties.
  6. Water Protection areas: Specific laws may be in force in regard to excavations, drillings and NSGE plants for the preservation of the quality of certain groundwater bodies (e.g., used for drinking water production).

This WebGIS does not indicate areas where the installation is impossible or forbidden and the information provided is not legally binding.

Further information about this study can be found in Greta Deliverable 4.1.1.

Last update: July 31st 2018