GRETA was co-financed by the
European Regional Development Fund
through the Interreg Alpine Space programme.

CC BY 4.0, Eurac Research

The GRETA WebGIS “Geothermal potential - Parc des Bauges” identifies the closed-loop (CL) geothermal potential estimation of four of the most populated municipalities around the Parc du massif des Bauges (Montmélian, Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny, Faverges-Seythenex, Sévrier), and the open-loop (OL) geothermal potential estimation of a portion of the Isére valley bottom.

The CL geothermal potential is expressed as the sustainably exchangeable energy (MWh/y) by a single 100m long borehole heat exchanger.

The OL potential is based on the maximum yield extractable from a single well, indicated as technical volume flow. The different yield values were calculated according to two different doublet well distances: 10 and 100m. The OL geothermal power layers represent the maximum exchangeable power of a single well doublet. It is based on the aforementioned yield, and calculated according to a groundwater temperature drop of 5°C. The OL geothermal potential represents the annual amount of energy extractable for a 2000 hours full load heating period, and is expressed in Megawatt-hours.

The other layers available were used for the geothermal potential estimation.

Further information about this study can be found in Greta Deliverable 4.2.1.

Last update: November 15th 2018